Gayle Nottleman 

Tell us about your family.
 I have been married to Sam( sculptor and drummer) for 30 years. We have 2 daughters, Daisy (23 and accountant in TX)  and Hattie (21 and jeweler in OR) and an orange and white cat named Milo. My parents are still alive and well. I have 3 brothers and one sister, and nieces and nephews. 
Favorite Coffee Drink:
Freshly ground, organic coffee beans, brewed in a French press with almond milk added to it.
Favorite Vacation spot:
Grand Marais, MN.   Houston,TX to visit Daisy.  Eugene,OR to visit Hattie. 
Favorite part of the Bible:
Psalms, of course. I relate to David…
What brought you to Radiant:
In 2010 my oldest daughter was dating a boy who’s family attended here. She started going to church with them and loved it. She begged me to come along and I reluctantly did, and loved it, too. I eventually left the church I had been attending for 16 years and joined here. 
dogs or cats:
I like dogs but have had quite a few growl and bark at me in the past few years. They must know I am a cat lady. 
Packers or Vikings: 
I grew up in WI- so THE PACK
Soup and Sandwich (Vegan)
Apple or Andriod
Apple iPhone iPad 
Winter or Summer
Winter=( don’t get me started)