Tyler Mau
Tell us a bit about your family
I married my best friend Grace on May 11, 2019. It is just us two, but we will see what God has for us in the future. Our families are pretty close to one another. My family is in Green Bay, Wi and her family is in Mankato mainly. She also has a sister in the Twin Cities and one Studying at the University of Kansas. 
What is your favorite coffee drink?
I have never been a huge fan of coffee, I always thought it tasted a little like dirt (I do know what dirt tastes like). Since meeting and marrying Grace, she is slowly bringing me around to the idea of coffee. The best coffee is creamer with a splash of coffee.
What is your favorite vacation spot? Or one you hope to visit
I love being up at my family’s cabin in the Northwoods of Wisconsin. It is peaceful and I love being able to be on the lake. I would love to be able to visit Tahiti and stay in a bungalow on the ocean, that sounds lovely. 
What is your favorite Bible Verse or book?
Verse- Psalm 23. That chapter in the Psalms got me through my darkest times of life and continues to give me strength every single day. 
Book- James. James is a hard-hitting book that challenges the Christian to re-think and re-evaluate the little things in life that we may fall into.
What brought you to Radiant Church?
God did. I had just graduated with a ministry degree from North Central University in Minneapolis and came through the interview process in Winona. I had originally planned to go back home with hopes to be the new Youth Pastor at my home church, but God called Grace and I here instead, and for the short time we have been here, it has been the second-best decision of my life. (Behind marrying Grace).
Dogs OR Cats?
If I HAD to choose, I would choose Dogs. But I love both. Grace and I have a little kitten named Sterling 
Packers or Vikings
GO PACK GO! I’m a cheesehead for life.
Soup & Sandwich OR Meat and Potatoes?
Meat & Potatoes
Apple or Android?
Winter or Summer?
Summer. I do struggle with humidity though.